What We Do

Summer Internship Program

The Word is Bond Summer internship program is a six-week community-building experience building positive relationships between youth and law enforcement. All young men of color ages 15 to 21 are eligible to participate as an intern and all law enforcement professionals committed to strengthening our communities are eligible to participate. Paid interns and law enforcement personnel will engage in activities including both hands-on, action oriented experiences and debrief and discussion where each participant will have an opportunity to share their stories and build bonds of trust. Interns will also utilize technology to capture and share their summer experiences with the larger community. By the end of the program, interns will have the leadership skills, and the community connections to make a positive difference.


Young Leaders Council

The young leaders council is our leadership council which runs during the academic school year. This is an opportunity for young men of color to take their leadership skills to the next level and do inspiring work in their communities. The Young Leaders Council runs a variety of community building initiatives, workshops and programing. They focus on developing and taking action on issues in their community. Participants have a chance to run for leadership positions in the council, attend trainings to develop their skills and make lifelong friends and experiences. The Young Leaders Council is about giving the youth a voice, and inspiring change from the ground up with programing that is created and run by young leaders of color.